Interview : Toribio

                                                    Esa Montaña Se Movera EP

                                                    Esa Montaña Se Movera EP

Toriobio AKA Papi Chu Chu AKA MR. B.D.A. AKA Black Flamingo's Brown Bill de Blasio is a Dominican/American DJ and music maker based in Brooklyn by way of FL. He released his acclaimed Esa Montaña Se Movera EP on Brooklyn based record label Most Excellent Unltd. This emotive and life affirming release features his many different ways of making music along with a remix from his personal hero Joe Claussell. Toribio has played alongside the likes of Anthony Naples, Kai Alce, Louie Vega, and Phil Moffa. Bring Dat Ass and your feet will follow.

Toribio, can you introduce yourself, what’s your role at Black Flamingo?

I go by Toribio but most people know me as Cesar and I am a manager at Black Flamingo.

You’re a musician, a producer and a DJ. What did you begin with ?

I started playing music since as young as I can remember. My grandparents had a piano I used to constantly pluck at. I’d also pick up any latin percussion instruments like a Tambora or Conga. I first played timbales at church then graduated to drums. I started learning how to read music in the 6th grade with an old school army drummer Mr.Hixembaugh (who fought in world war two). He taught me basic american drumming then I eventually studied Jazz in high school. I also started production towards the end of highschool and got serious with it in college. I started DJing in college and I’ve been maintaining all three mediums ever since.

You recently invited Byron the Aquarius from Sound Signature and Wild Oats to play in Black Flamingo, can you tell us about your musical influences ?

It was fun playing with Byron because we both have similar interests. We both are jazz heads and hip hop heads that love house. So I love making and playing things that intersect with Jazz, Hip Hop, Afro-carribean and underground dance stuff. I also grew up in the church so I have a gospel and latin background which makes me drawn to soulful house stuff..

You either edit classic hip hop songs from Q-tip then go to latin music, it seems that your spectrum of musical tastes is vast. Are you inspired from those roots to produce as well ?

I always try to bring out some latin/african rhythms in my music but I don’t always try to make them explicit. Sometimes it can be explicit like with a straight-up a conga in it or something; or sometimes I try to repurpose or mask these rhythms I’ve learned and put them in a techno or house aesthetic. So I might use a cowbell pattern as an acid bassline or a montuno on juno synth.

Can you tell us a unlikely track that you secretly listen to ?

Trash - Show Me the Body

This shit is fire and they are cool guys that we’ve had perform at my loft in Bushwick.

Tell us 4 records that never leave your bag ?

Priestess - Harvey Sutherland

Back When - Dj Spen

Da Posse - In The Heat of the Night

Fantasize - Tumelo

If you had to play with someone for your next gig, who will it be ?

I would like to play with Antenes (local) one day cuz she is dope and plays a lot of stuff I am attracted to but never heard of. Of the international folk I’d love to play with Steven Julien aka Funkineven, Peggy Gou or Osunlade.

What do you best besides music ?

Not much to be honest. I like watching documentaries. I purposely keep music involved with whatever I do in my recreational time. However, I love watching stand up comedy and love to crack jokes especially if someone hairline ain’t right.

Toribio will perform with Eli Escobar next friday at Black Flamingo

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