Interview : Harry Benson


Harry Benson aka Lovers is an English DJ and producer who has been in the music industry since 10 years. He has been working for Boiler Room in NYC and built his network in the city. He will play with friends at Black Flamingo tonight and we took advantage of the occasion to ask him a few questions, some serious and some silly ones.

Hey, can you introduce yourself ?

Hi! I’m Harry Benson aka Lovers - an Englishman living in Brooklyn

You're a producer and a DJ. What did you start with ? Can you show us some tracks you've done ?

I’ve been DJing for almost 10 years, but Lovers is a new project I started only this year - my first tracks were released on Let’s Play House a couple of months back, an amalgamation of a few years of personal music all meshed together.

Can you talk about your collection of edits of Japanese Boogie Funk ?

I became pretty obsessed with the incredible talents of Japanese musicians after visiting Tokyo a couple of times - getting lost in Disc Union digging through the music of Tatsuo Yamashita and Yasuko Agawa. There’s so much amazing music that never reached the west, and is barely even online. It’s a really exciting feeling of digging in another country because you know it’s more special both personally and to an audience.

Let's talk about your musical influences : which kind of music inspires you ?

I’m really inspired by everything, at home I listen to a lot of hip-hop, pop - all across the musical spectrum. When DJing though, i’ve begun to focus on more of a feeling than a genre - music with soul that stands the test of time. I love tracks that you feel like you know but are brand new to you.

Can you tell us a unlikely track that you secretly listen to ?

I’m a big fan of Carly Rae Jepson, honestly.

Tell us 3 records that never leave your bag ?

Your most expensive one ?

That might actually be what I just bought... Larry Heard - Black Oceans on Black Market International>

If you had to sample a movie soundtrack, which one would it be ?

Any soundtrack by Issac Hayes

Do you have a ritual before a gig ?

Meditation, and a good meal with friends.

Your most random memory during a gig ?

Not so much during a gig, but one I’ll always remember is playing in a warehouse next to a pet food factory in Dublin - there was two turntables below waist height, a scratch mixer, only one speaker stack and the booth was essentially a cupboard with a plexiglass window. It was amazing.

What would you have done if you wouldnt work in music industry ?

I’ve always wanted to make furniture, so maybe I’d be a carpenter!

Thank you!


Harry Benson aka Lovers will perform with friends tonight at Black Flamingo


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