Hibiscus Sour! The Vegan Version

We've put a Flamingo spin on the classic Pisco Sour, flipping it into a vegan-friendly cocktail. Pisco is classified as a brandy because it is made from distilling grape wine and it's produced mainly in Peru and Chilé. While it falls into the brandy arrangement and that could throw drinker's off, don't let it; it's a smooth spirit with fantastic elements. 

The in-house Hibiscus Sour is made by infusing a premium Pisco with dried Hibiscus, turning the spirit into a dark-red hue and using chickpea water instead of an white. The chickpea water gives the cocktail a similar frothy head and texture like an eggwhite would. 

2 parts hibiscus-infused pisco 1 part lemon cordial 1 part chickpea water.
Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, DRY SHAKE for 10 seconds, add ice, give it a few more shakes and double strain into a glass. (make your own lemon cordial with lemon, raw sugar, and notes of any other spices / flavors you wish)


bryce david