Interview : Seb Wildblood

Seb Wildblood has been a key part of the south London club scene via his party come label Church, which has gained him support across the spectrum from artists such as Move D, Gilles Peterson & Mary Anne Hobbs to name a few. Whilst gradually cementing Church’s reputation, the low key producer has also been carefully crafting a sound of his own, exploring the deeper side of electronic music. We wanted to ask him some questions before his gig at Black Flamingo, to know better the man behind the bloody nickname.


Hi Seb, you are at the head of South London’s label Church since 2012, can you tell us a little more about the story behind this name ?

The label actually originated as a party in the basement of a church in Camberwell so the name came from that and I guess kinda stuck...

You also founded “Coastal Haze” and “All My Thoughts” recently, two other electronic music labels. What was your intention in the creation of these ? Do they each represent distinct musical directions ?

For me, Church has a very distinct direction, Coastal Haze & All My Thoughts are a way to explore different sounds, textures & formats. Coastal Haze perhaps touches on some of the balearic side of things, with All My Toughts going that bit deeper...

You are an established artist in the music scene in London, do you feel it is a stimulating place to be as a producer ?

The standard of music coming out of London is so high both from labels & artists, it undoubtably pushes me to myself. If you haven't checked the Joe Armon Jones & Maxwell Owen LP on YAM Records it's a hot tip, possibly the release of the year for me. Aside from that I'm really proud of Laurence Guy's debut album on Church.

Do you believe there are other placess that could give you the same kind of inspiration and interaction that London does ? If so, where ?

Nature has always had a big influence on my work, if I was given the opportunity to record an album anywhere I'd maybe go to Norway, I stayed in a cabin once right beside a fjord, I think going back there would get things rolling. Saying that coming back from tour I'm always filled with ideas however I think as you're bouncing from city to city it can be beneficial to take a step back and really mix up your surroundings. Also makes for some interesting field recordings...

What are your top three tracks you always bring with you on tour ?

On this particular tour the top three has been :

What is your favorite machine to work on ?

Juno 106



What’s next in your career ?

There's a couple EP's about to drop before the end of the year '(Let's Play House & Coastal Haze)' and then it's holiday hibernation. I'm finishing a six week tour in New York with you guys… 

Thank you !

Seb is invited by Let's Play House next saturday at Black Flamingo alongside Takuya Nakamura and Nikki. For now you still can listen to his mix at The Lot Radio from last august.