NYLON Launches New How-To Vid with Ben Dawson and Bryce David

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Just a few weeks ago we dropped by a special location in Manhattan to film a How-To guide with NYLON magazine. Over time we've had a bit of history with the NYLON crew, most recently offering up our location for a piece they shot with local NYC skate collective, The Skate Kitchen. After that it made sense to work together on something focusing on Black Flamingo on our summer menu we currently offer so their readers could get a taste of what we're doing from their own homes. 

Executive Chef Ben Dawson and Co-Owner Bryce David let go of a few secrets in this video featuring our Seitan Fajitas, made from scratch, and one of most popular summer cocktails, Hibiscus Sour. Both vegan, both easy to make at home with a little time and patience. 

Check it out NYLON or on Facebook

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