Jex Opolis is a Canadian musician and DJ now based in NYC who created his own label Good Timin' in 2013. Over the past five years, Good Timin’ has gained a devoted global following among in-the-know listeners and record heads, thanks to a series of acclaimed 12-inch vinyl EPs. We are hosting the 5 years anniversary of the label February 9th, so as Jex says: “If you wanna get high, you gotta get down!”

Hey Jex, you’re label Good Timin’ was originally a monthly club night in Toronto back in 2010. 

Can you tell a little more about it ? Did you invite some guests ?

It was super low-key, all vinyl. I didn't have a proper record bag so I used to take my records in rolling suitcase. I had been pursuing music pretty seriously for several years prior to the start of Good Timin, but had pretty much burned out and given up and just wanted to do something fun. So I was playing a lot of AOR stuff like Ned Doheny, some disco, some rock...pretty much anything but electronic music to be honest! I'd have friends come and play with me but it was mostly just me playing for five hours and using the proceeds to buy vinyl and pay off my student loans! I did that for three years before I even realized that it had "become a thing."

It turned to a vinyl and digital label in 2013, how things happened ? 

The night kept going and I was interested in getting some of my own productions out again. So after about three years of doing Good Timin', it just seemed natural to call my label the same thing. I'd worked with other labels and had a few bad experiences, so decided I wanted full control. I made 100 copes of my first record (financed with my tax return) and PPU got hold of it and shared it with a wider audience. Five years, 11 releases and hours behind the decks later, I'm glad I sunk my tax return into that first record!

What did you had in mind at this moment concerning the artistic direction ? Did you keep this idea or did you get open to any ideas ?

Essentially in the beginning, I just wanted to make something that was melodic, atmospheric and a bit groovy. Maybe "balearic" in style. But my sound over the past five years has certainly "toughened" though. I moved to NYC just over three years ago, and these days, since I'm playing later in the clubs, I'm making music for clubs, although I still make sure everything is melodic and groovy!

You also hosted a radio show on TRP from 2014 to 2016. How was this experience ? What kind of music did you play there ?

It was all very eclectic: disco, house, boogie, slower stuff. I've sorta transferred the show over to the Lot Radio and do sporadic shows. One thing I try to do is play new stuff. There's lots of great new music out there, let's support the young instead of living in the past! 

What’s next for Good Timin’ records ?

More releases, more tracks, more fun!

Can you tell us an unlikely track that you secretly listen to ?

"Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles. Growing up in Canada, it was huge! We used to make fun of it so much that we started to love it! I did a remix of it, which I played on NTS Radio a while ago, LOL!.

Tell us 3 records that never leave your bag ?

Your most random memory during a gig ?

The time I was playing at an outdoor party on the East River with DJ Ivan Berko at peak hour and there was about 400 people dancing, and this European tourist-type kid came into the booth with some USBs and demanded we let him play! Needless to say, we said no!

Thank you Jex!


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