Q+A with Monchan and Musclecars


Craig & Brandon are Musclecars, a rising DJ duo who are making their mark on the NYC dance scene. Lately they’ve been all over the scene from Le Bain in the Meatpacking District to Mood Ring in Bushwick and more often than not you can find them selecting alongside a veteran of dance music. They invited DJ Monchan aka Toshi from A-1 Records and Daily Session into the DJ booth with them for their party on Friday October 5th. Ahead of the weekend they asked Toshi a few questions…

MC: What’s your favorite record at the moment?

Monchan: I’ve wanted this one long time, I got this recently from Japan.

Samuel Jonathan Johnson - My Music

MC: When and how did you get started working at A-1 Records?

Monchan: Ron (LIES) who used to take care of dance section at A1 called me.  I knew everybody there  already because I was recording the mix for dailysession almost every week at A1.

MC: Whats your process when you’re buying/finding records for A-1 vs when you’re digging for yourself? 

Monchan: Buying for A1 and digging for myself are big difference. When we go out to check record for the shop, we have to deal with 1000 to 100000 records and we need to think about how much gain we get from this collection.

I don’t buy much records for myself now,  I already have a lot of stuff I like. I have to have that feeling to go out digging records. Good record will come to you if you really want that good record. So I need to have the feeling before.

MC: How did you get into DJing? 

Monchan: I love dancing so I start going club around 18 and got into House music. Also, I love to buy records, and I was into Def Mix (Frankie, Morales, Tommie) and MAW. so I bought one more turntable and the mixer to imitate those DJs.

MC: We love your edits on dailysession- what’s next for you with regards to production?

Monchan: The next on dailysession will be Kalim Shabazz.  He used to release stuff from Shelter. He made some dope deep house tracks for us.

After this, I will release my East village edits and Cedar Sound Shop EP.  CSW is collaboration with Bradford James.

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