DJ Palace Selects 10 Balearic Bombs

This Friday we're hosting DJ Palace alongside Omni Assembly. In case you've never heard from DJ Palace - which we doubt - it's a crew formed by William Robbins, Thomas M LoCrasto Jr. and DJ Bruce. For the occasion, we asked the crew to compile their favorite balearic records and without any hesitation, they sent us back their holy grails. 

The YouTube description sums it up the best: 

"The first time I heard this song I was on a balcony while a typhoon was coming into town and a potted plant fell off and smashed in the courtyard four stories below my feet. I smoked a cigarette which lasted the exact length of this song, and as the rain came in I felt at peace with the weather."


It's difficult to do one of these lists without plugging friends, but I heard this on a Balearic Social mix a few years ago when I was working an office job and I've been absolutely obsessed with it ever since. A true modern classic. 


To me, the perfect balearic song mixes soul (warm colors) and a cool groove (cool colors) that creates this balance where you can listen to it during the pool by day and in the club by night and it has the same affect. Frankie may not be known for his Balearic tendencies, but what he did with this remix is so elegant. 


Leonard Cohen sunburnt & stoned, channeling Floyd’s “Time” at sunset. 


Paul Oakenfold before trance was chilling in Ibiza. This track slays if you like music. 

I found this record at a thrift store in Florida a long time ago. One doesn’t normally associate balearic music w/ having “drops.” Wait for it.

Vibraphone hits reverberate a familiar melody as trumpets actually soar. I played this for a full dance floor once. That was rad.


Doesn't get more classic than this


Oozing beach vibes


80's cheese tastes delicious

bryce david