Our Brooklyn Food Program Is Now 100% Vegan


In 2015 we launched as a destination in Brooklyn, with a vegetarian menu for a few reasons, the most important being the affect the restaurant industry has on the environment and what we could do to lessen our foot-print on that path. Of course it's "cheaper" in some ways to run a veggie kitchen it also means scaring off die-hard carnivores. Still, we believe it's nice to stand out and instead of offering junk food options within a plant-based menu we really let the vegetables be the stars of the show. 

Last month we converted the menu to 100% Vegan. It seemed like a natural step in the direction we were going and that we could provide a better service to our customer by cutting out any dairy or other animal-products. So far it's been a great success and with that change we rolled out a few new menu items. We won't list them all but here are a few. 


Roasted fingerling potatoes, watermelon radish, parsnips, yams, and crispy arepa croutons topped with achiote sauce; garnished
with a salad of baby kale, artichoke hearts, and chick peas in a citrus vinaigrette (GF)



Twice fried green plantains with garlic chimichurri and cilantro aioli (GF)



Strawberry and pecan doughnut fried to order, topped with strawberry rhubarb jam, brandied fresh strawberries, strawberry coconut ice cream, and dulce de leche

bryce david