DJs for Climate Action, a growing conscious crew

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We are hosting DJs For Climate Action every Thursday in June, benefitting a different non-profit organization each week. They will be hosting Michna, The Range, Sam O.B, Sammy Bananas, Ali Coleman, Mira Fahrenheit, Star Eyes and Jesse Man.

Who is DJ for Climate Action and what is their mission?

They are using the Power of Music to amplify everybody's role in protecting our planet’s future. Their coalition of DJs and musicians use their craft and cultural influence to raise awareness and provoke a response to the global challenge of Climate Change. What started with year-end offset drives to take responsibility for air travel emissions has grown into partnerships with advocacy groups, coordination of events and social mobilization. They remix the climate message to engage and inspire.

Who is involved in their coalition?

High profile DJs are involved like A-Trak and Soul Clap, Dirty Finger, Dre Skull, Lindsey, Louisahhh, Michna, Star Eyes, Sam O.B...

In a recent interview, they've done for this article on Stamp the Wax, Sammy explained:

The most powerful thing we can do is recognize that each party is an opportunity to educate the attendees about the larger issue and their own responsibility (...). Replacing your club’s straws with paper instead of plastic is not going to have a big effect on climate by the numbers, but it COULD have a much greater effect on making people wonder why the venue took the effort to make the switch.  This creates a snowball effect where individuals want to learn more and engage. When’s the last time you when to a party when the music was fully powered by the sun?  Wouldn’t it be transformative to announce that to a room full of dancers?  It shows that we have the solutions, all we need is the motivation.

This year they have been working with the company CO2 Logic to create series of parties called Earth Night (day before Earth Day) to raise money for their climate-conscious projects in the developing world.  Sammy describes:

Helping people in a place like Benin access more efficient cookstoves not only reduces emissions but directly affects the lives of people.  These sorts of engagements help people truly understand the importance of the issue, and create the political and cultural will to pressure politicians and big business to take the steps that will ultimately put the planet back on the right path.

We asked him a small list of actions that everyone can do to help resolve the climate crisis:

Climate Change can feel like a problem too big for one person to address, but there are some individual actions we all can take to work towards a sustainable path for the planet.

1) "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants." This is journalist Michael Pollan's now classic guideline for diet.  It applies just as well to climate as it does to your health. It may not be obvious, but the food system is a huge player in greenhouse gas emissions.  Commercial livestock, particularly cows, spew tons of methane into the atmosphere, an incredibly potent cause of a warming planet, and eat grain fertilized from petroleum heavy fertilizer.  If you're not up to going full vegan (I'm not), work to slim down your intake of meat.  Meatless Mondays is a movement that has been a great entryway for people trying to take a step in the right direction.  I'd also add something about eating local to Pollan's refrain... It's crazy to think how far some food has to travel to reach your mouth, and all those miles leave their mark on the earth.

2) Switch your electric bill to renewables. A quick google search will tell you how to take advantage of this useful step. Nearly everyone can use a third party to allocate their home or apartment energy supply from wind or solar. Your energy won't actually come from that wind farm upstate, but the small amount extra you pay ensures that the supply is available for all who demand it. Basically, you're helping to boost the renewable energy sector by doing this. It's all part of the consumer-driven approach to showing those in control that people truly care about where their power comes from.

3) Register and Vote. Consumer side actions like the previous two are a great foot in the door, but at the end of the day, governmental regulation is the stuff that makes the biggest changes, the most quickly.  Not every climate-conscious choice is going to make sense for a company's bottom line, and that's where laws come in. The political system may feel totally f*cked right now, but that doesn't mean it's time to tune it out.  For instance, there's some amazing activism mobilizing states like New York and California to pass rules that might just force the rest of the country to follow suit, regardless of who's in the oval office.  Recognize that you are part of making that happen by standing up for this issue at the ballot box.

Meet Sammy and dance consciously every thurday this month at Black Flamingo.

bryce david