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Body Music: Bosq and Vito Roccotorte (The Rapture)

🐼 Bosq:
An Afro / Latin / Disco / Funk producer & Dj originally from Boston but now residing in Medellin, Colombia. He has released 3 full albums and various EP's of original music on labels such as Ubiquity, Fania, Soul Clap Records & more.

🦜 Vito Roccotorte:
The Rapture were a rock band from New York City, formed in 1998. The band's final line-up consisted of Luke Jenner (lead vocals, guitar), Vito Roccoforte (drums, percussion) and Gabriel Andruzzi (keyboards, bass, saxophone, cowbell). The band mixed influences from many genres including dance-punk, post-punk, acid house, disco, and electronica.

🌸 Toribio:

Free before midnight with RSVP
$10 after midnight