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Love & Respect: A Musical Tribute & Benefit for Carlos Sanchez


LOVE & RESPECT, A Musical Tribute and Benefit for Carlos Sanchez

François K
DJ Spinna
Bamboozle (Soul Clap
Naeem Johnson
Easy Mo Bee
Sting International
Shawn Dub
Trevor Fox

Hosted by: NIni EternalSol Juliano, Ramik Roberts, Michael Forde, Kenny Carpenter, Don Welch, Sammy Rock, Aurra Fox, Jon Martin, Danilo Braca, Raven Fox, Fred Pierce


Love & Respect is a fitting title for it reflects, 40-plus years and counting of being a staple of the NYC underground dance community. A DJ/programmer who credits these storied masters Tee Scott, Grand Master Flowers, Nicky Siano and Paul Batty as his mentors; he has been instrumental in shaping the palette of dance music and dance floors as we know it today. Carlos has also been a crucial behind-the-scenes figure, from the lectern as Professor Sanchez at Pace University with his World Music/The Underground course, manager/buyer at Disco-Rama, Downtown Records & The Eight-Ball Shop educating generations of DJ’s. Carlos was elemental to programming the way we move at storied venues like Leviticus, Save The Robots and lists goes on and on. We cannot forget that his contributions behind the keys & mixing board producing underground gems that have glorified dance floors and our hearts. Hence we give you an opportunity to show a little Love & Respect for Carlos Sanchez

On a more somber note, the motivation for putting this event together is to serve as a fundraiser for Carlos. He has been diagnosed with Kidney failure and shortly will be going through dialysis awaiting a suitable donor for transplant. I don’t have to tell you how medical expense and after care can bankrupt a person in these circumstances. With that said the prognosis for his recover is good. The intent was to raise funds to support and position him mentally with spiritual & emotion support; that will be necessary for him to weather this impeding storm. With the short list of DJs selected to participate, we will have a powerful celebration of the lifetime achievement and work of Carlos Sanchez.

Suggested donation $20.00



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