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Mixpak Residency: Dj Tunez x Uproot Andy x Jubilee x Dre Skull

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Fifth and last Mixpak's Residency : 

⭐ DJ Tunez : 
DJ, producer, musician, Tunez has made his mark selling out African themed events in NYC and creating groovy mixes listened to by thousands of people world wide. Tunez is known for taking his listeners on a musical journey, traveling from one continent to the next with seamless transitions. 
Soundcloud :

UPROOT ANDY is a Brooklyn based DJ/Producer and co-founder of Que Bajo, the NYC based party that helped pioneer the Global Bass movement with its all embracing approach to global electronic music. In New York Que Bajo has now a legendary monthly parties hosting artists from around the world and hosting a monthly show on Red Bull Music Academy Radio.
Soundcloud :

Reading and working a dance floor eventually translated into creating music for the very space she started in, releasing a trilogy of EPs on Mixpak Records, run by her former roommate Dre Skull. Much like her DJ style, her productions propelled her forward as a respected artist known for her ability to balance party with progressive music.
Soundcloud :

⭐ Dre Skull : 
Dre Skull creatively connects the dots between various elements of urban underground music and culture. 
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⭐ The Large : 
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