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3 Year Anniversary: Vegan Bash at Black Flamingo


Our 3 Year Anniversary will end with a very special food event related to vegan lifestyle and plant-based wellness. 

We just turned 100% vegan for ecological/health reasons and we are proud to present our new food program!

We'll have vegan vendors, live performances, and music act. We put this event together to show veganism doesn't have to be boring. 

Ample Hills Creamery (vegan ice cream)
Eat Chic Chocolates (vegan chocolates) 
Keap (vegan candles)
LAIKA Magazine (vegan lifestyle mag)

Nzinga Young, Vegan Outreach
Ray Ippolito, Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Chiti Parikh, nutritionist Weill Cornell Medicine
Julie Gueraseva, LAIKA Magazine

Playtronica will show you how to play music in a band with fruits and vegetables instead of classical music instruments.

MikeBloom from Madjazz Recordings for an ambient DJ set.

Look our food menu:

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Free event on donation